We provide a complete coaching solution for shotgun marksmanship.


For the novice shooter we provide the foundations of a good shooting technique. You will be expertly taught, step-by-step from basic gun fit to eye dominance solutions, giving you the foundations to move forward into being a competent shot.

Experienced Shooter

For the more experienced shooter we provide coaching tailor-made for each individual person. We can focus on a specific area that you're having trouble with or work more generally on improving your technique. This stage may also contain some mental training, working on building high scores in the competitive arena and working on the discipline of consistent shooting in the field or competition.


For the accomplished or expert shot we can provide in depth analysis of technique and mental aptitude. In our experience, most accomplished shots know how to shoot but may not appreciate the mental discipline required to make the next grade. Being a good shot is just the beginning. Knowing how to apply and focus your talent is what turns a good shot into a great shot.